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Wedding Celebrations &
Welcome Celebratios for children

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1340,00 €

Wedding Celebration from

excl. VAT


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Wedding Celebrations, Marriage Renewals, Welcome Celebrations for children

All denominations and cultures, straight and LGBT couples are warmly welcome

Creative celebrations based on your personal story and wishes

A modern alternative to a traditional church wedding 

All ceremonies can be held in German and/ or Englisch (native speaker level)

Wedding Celebrations from € 1340 +VAT, Welcome Celebrations from € 840 + VAT 

Upon request: professional graphic design services available. for example: logo-design, website-design, invites etc. for your special day

The first introduction is nonbinding and at no charge


Wedding celebrations are a popular alternative to the traditional church wedding and the ideal addition to the civil celebration. It is a creative way to close the bond of marriage for couples that wish to realise their very own dream celebration. With creative wedding celebrations, only the sky is the limit and every idea can be worked into a personalised celebration concept. You can choose between spiritual and worldly rituals or a mixture of both - the outcome is entirely up to you. It doesn't matter what your denomination or cultural background is if you are a straight or LGBT couple - what matters most is your personal love story and the way you would like to celebrate it.

Baby in der Taufe Kleidung

840,00 €

Welcome Celebration from

excl. VAT


Similar to wedding celebrations, welcome celebrations are a creative alternative to the traditional christening of a child. The arrival of a new family member is a unique event and deserves to be celebrated as such. Whether you prefer a spiritual or worldly ritual - the realisation of your unique welcome celebration will be based on your personal story and wishes.



My name is Rebecca d'Almeida and I am very pleased that you interested in Symbolfeier. "Symbolfeier" is the German expression for "symbolic celebration", which pretty much sums up what my services are all about. Being a passionate celebrant and event organiser, giving your special day a deep symbolic meaning is my mission. 


I've been working within the creative sector for over 15 years as an International project manager and marketing professional. So far I have lived and worked in Germany, Australia and the UK.


My stage experience covers 20 years in the areas of singing and public speaking.


Symbolfeier was founded in 2007 by my mother, Silvia d'Almeida and ever since has flourished as a family business. Ever since 355 German weddings, 20 English weddings, 40 welcome celebrations and 5 funerals were realised in a creative and deeply meaningful way.



2017 was a very special year for myself, when I took over Symbolfeier and also was proposed to by my partner and had my first born child.


I am very much looking to support you in turning your special day into an unforgettable event for you and your loved ones. 


warm regards


Rebecca d'Almeida - owner of Symbolfeier









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